Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. GoMac will collect and retain contact information for the purpose of delivering onsite services, customer relationship management and customer service.

This includes:

Phone Number
E-mail Address

Consent for the retention of contact information is implied in the commissioning of GoMac services.
This information is stored electronically and fully encrypted with 256-bit SSL protection.
GoMac will never share contact information with third parties.
Contact information will be permanently deleted upon request. Contact or 1-888-265-3012 for more information.

Collection of Payment Information

Credit Card processing is encrypted using 256-bit SSL protection. GoMac does not retain credit card information after transactions.

Customer Personal Electronic Data

After a data recovery or transfer, a safety copy will be held for a period of 14 days after date of service unless requested otherwise. After this time data will be securely and permanently erased.

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