Goodbye Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is an interactive web technology which allows computers and some mobile devices to play videos, animations and games online. While this can be a lot of fun, Adobe Flash is outdated and has caused many problems for computer security and performance over the last few years. Because of this, companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla (Firefox) are starting to block the use of Adobe flash all together. This means that websites relying on Flash will stop functioning properly.

So now what?

All mainstream modern web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge) have a built in Flash replacement called HTML 5. Its faster, more secure and never needs to be updated manually by you ( ? chorus of angels singing!)  Many websites that have  previously relied on Flash in the past are already switching over (Facebook, Youtube etc.) You don’t need to do anything to make this work other than make sure that your computer is all up to date.

What about websites still using Flash?

Switching an entire website from Flash to HTML 5 can be very costly so many smaller companies with websites will take longer to make the transition. In those cases you can continue to use Flash for now on those sites. The example that I use below is for the animated greeting card website Jacquie Lawson Cards. Here’s instructions for unblocking flash on a specific website in Safari:

Unblocking Flash on a specific website in Safari for Mac

If you’re running the latest software from Apple (Mac OS Sierra), Safari will now block the Flash Player sections of all websites. You have to unblock Flash for individual sites.

-In Safari, visit the site where you need Adobe Flash to work.
-Click “Safari” in the menu bar up top and choose “Preferences”


-Click Security


-Click Plug-in Settings


-Websites that you’ve visited where Safari has blocked Flash Content will be listed here. You can change the option to “On” for the website were you would like to enable Flash.


-Adobe Flash will now work on this website but remain blocked for the rest of the internet.

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