Get the words to that song!

Lyrics available in iTunes and the Music App for iOS

I’ve been corrected and embarrassed many times by singing incorrect lyrics to songs, sometimes for decades at a time! Have you ever wondered, what are the actual lyrics to “Louie Louie”?! Well now lyrics to many songs are built into the music app on your iPhone and iPad as well as iTunes on your Mac or PC.

How do I get the lyrics?

First I should mention that lyrics are not available on all songs at this point but it looks like more are being added all the time. You’ll also need to update your Mac or PC to the latest version of iTunes. Your iPhone and iPad will need to be updated to iOS 10 to make this work. Once you’re up to date, here’s how to bring up the lyrics:


In iTunes you can click on the list icon at the top and choose Lyrics (if available)

iTunes Lyrics Apple GoMac


On an iPhone or iPad, play a song and tap the player at the bottom to view it. Now swipe up to reveal lyrics “if available”.


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