Favourite Safari Tricks

Here’s a few of my most used Safari tricks…

Find on Page

This feature has been around on the Mac version of Safari for over a decade and is still my favourite. Finding information on the internet often leads you to long wordy webpages or discussion forums. When you’re looking for a specific topic in a sea of words its extremely helpful to be able to search the page for a word or phrase.

In Safari on your Mac, (to do this on your iPhone or iPad check out this previous blog post) press Command-F on your keyboard.

Mac-OS-X-Keyboard   F

Find on Page Safari - GoMac Tips - GoMac Blog
In the example above, I’ve come across a webpage discussing things to do in Abbotsford. I’m really just after a good cup of coffee so I’ve press Command-F and the Find on page bar has appeared. I’ve typed the word coffee into the search field and it’s showing that “coffee” appears 7 times. Pressing the arrow buttons will jump to all of the references to that word!

Reader View

Safari on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone has a fantastic feature called Reader View for removing clutter and easier viewing when you’re reading an article or even a blog post like this one! Here’s an example of the same sports article,  before and after Reader View:

Without Reader View:

Safari Reader View Before - GoMac Tips

Reader view turned on:

Safari Reader View After - GoMac Tips

How to turn on Reader View

When Safari detects that the page you’re viewing is an article for reading, you’ll see a group of lines on the left side of the address bar at the top of Safari.

Safari Reader View - GoMac Tips

Tap or click these bars to enter reader mode. Not only is this a cleaner view for reading articles, you even have control over the font size, style and background colour!

Once you’re in reader mode, you’ll notice a lower and upper case aA on the right side of the address bar. Tap or click these to access size, style and background colour options.

Safari Reader Settings - GoMac Tips

To exit Reader View just tap the lines in the address bar again

Safari Reader View - GoMac Tips

I hope you found these tricks useful. Give them a try!



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